About UWAI

UWAI makes your life easier by finding the best offers and discounts and connecting you with the best stores all over Australia.

Our History​​

UWAI (游外) launched in 2017 with funding from the South Australian Government and is committed to helping Chinese users and the local Chinese community to find a better, more convenient, and more affordable way of exploring Australia.

Entrepreneurs change the world by encouraging innovation, and the team at UWAI is no exception. We have designed every aspect from the ground up to create a winning combination for Chinese visitors and local businesses alike. The team are experts in their fields, living in 7 countries and yet part of the UWAI community.

Our Goals at UWAI are Threefold


To ensure Chinese visitors have such a memorable experience whilst abroad that they come back again and again


To help local businesses be easily found by Chinese visitors when they visit without having to become experts in Chinese marketing


To provide new and valuable insights in order to nurture and grow this market long term

Achieving Our Goals


UWAI has gathered and translated 120,000 local businesses’ information on our platform. This helped Chinese-speaking visitors understand what these local businesses have to offer when they search from our website or when they scan a UWAI decal at the store front


UWAI’s regularly updated Chinese contents also helped retain and grow our consumer base and had reached more than 250,000 active users every month.


Local Businesses information


Active users every month


Unfortunately, the devastating COVID-19 pandemic strongly affected tourism and the movement of people, which in turn affected almost every business in Australia. UWAI decided to stop its operation for 11 months.

New Journey​

With COVID-19 creating a new normal and the reopening of the international borders, we have restarted our journey and are on our way to building a better platform for our users.

UWAI recently launched its very own membership program called UWAI+. With discounts from over 3,000 retail chains and service providers all over Australia, members can save at least thousands of dollars every year!

Find Us

UWAI At Stone & Chalk, Lot Fourteen

UWAI found a new home in Stone & Chalk, dubbed the Silicon Valley of Adelaide at Lot Fourteen.

Stone & Chalk is the largest dedicated startup and scaleup innovation community in Australia with hubs in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide – and we’re so excited that UWAI is now a part of a national impact network !